Reply Cyber Security Challenge 2023


开始时间:2023-10-13 17:30:00

结束时间:2023-10-14 17:30:00



Reply will be hosting the Reply Cyber Security Challenge, at its fourth edition, a team competition open to both students and professionals aged 16+. The online challenge will take place on Friday October 13th 2022 at 19:30 CEST and will last 24 hours.

>>> Your team can have 2 - 4 people. Registrations will open on September 4th<<<

The challenge will present five stimulating issues for each of the following categories: coding, web, miscellaneous, crypto and binary. The team that solves the security problem in a 'capture the flag' (CTF) contest will obtain the highest score in the challenge and win the challenge.

Join the University Students' League
While registering, you can tell us the name of your university, earn points, and climb the University Students' Leaderboard to win a cool Reply Arcade Game for your university’s communal area or a financial donation for a university project.

Designed by the Keen Minds team, Reply's cyber security experts, the Cyber Security Challenge is just one of a number of Reply initiatives to promote the culture of coding, with a particular focus on new generations.