DomeCTF 2023


开始时间:2023-10-06 04:30:00

结束时间:2023-10-07 08:30:00


比赛地址:Grand Hyatt, Kochi, India


Ignite your cyber skills at the highly anticipated DOME CTF! Prepare for an electrifying event where cybersecurity enthusiasts unite. Jointly organized by Kerala Police CyberDome and Beagle Security at c0c0n XVI, this is your chance to showcase your hacking prowess and embrace the ultimate challenge.

Push the boundaries with advanced challenges covering network attacks, reverse engineering, cryptography, programming, and more. Step into uncharted territory and discover the thrill that awaits the bold.

Experience the intensity of the attack-defense strategy, where your intellect is pitted against others. Outsmart your opponents and claim victory in this ultimate battle of wits.

But that's not all – exciting rewards await those who emerge triumphant. Prepare to be amazed by the prizes that await the champions of DOME CTF.

Mark your calendars for October 04th to 07th as we gather at the prestigious Grand Hyatt, Kochi. Bring together your team, secure your tickets, and embark on an unforgettable cybersecurity adventure.

DOME CTF 2023: Unleash your potential, capture the flag, and redefine greatness. Register now to join the revolution in hacking. Be part of something extraordinary.