BRICS+ CTF Quals 2023


开始时间:2023-09-24 10:00:00

结束时间:2023-09-25 10:00:00



We invite you to take a participation in cybersecurity international team competitions BRICS+ Capture The Flag. The qualification stage will be online in CTF Jeopardy format. The best teams will be able to compete in the final, which will be held online in CTF Attack-Defense format. This year, final is dedicated to V International Municipal BRICS+ Forum.

The CTF is for any academic/professional team from all around the world. Top-3 teams from each of the 5 BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and 10 international teams will be invited to the final round (Prize pool of the finals is 800 000 roubles). Before the final round we will ask eligible for the BRICS quota teams to verify their status.

Quals registration link:

Tasks by C4T BuT S4D team (, top-10 on ctftime