Dreamhack Invitational 2024


开始时间:2024-05-27 01:00:00

结束时间:2024-05-27 13:00:00


比赛地址:COEX, Seoul, South Korea


Dreamhack Invitational 2024 is a special CTF event for Dreamhack users, and will be hosted at .HACK 2024 Conference.
Please check out https://dothack.io/ for more information about .HACK 2024.

Top 15 competitors from the quals (https://ctftime.org/event/2308) and top 15 users in the Dreamhack CTF platform will compete in this event.
Win the event, and be the best player of Dreamhack this year!

Q: Are airplane tickets/hotel rooms supported?
A: No, but we have a plan to support them in next events if possible.