HTB Business CTF 2024: The Vault Of Hope


开始时间:2024-05-18 13:00:00

结束时间:2024-05-22 13:00:00



In the aftermath of a devastating nuclear fallout, society’s remnants struggle amid desolation. Guided by a visionary leader, a determined group sets forth on a perilous quest to secure humanity’s future. Their target: a hidden underground vault, rumored to cradle the gold reserves of a long-forgotten nation. With promises of a new currency and societal rebirth, the team journeys through peril, each step fraught with danger.

As daylight flickers in the wasteland, our survivors embark on gathering crucial intelligence. Through scavengers and informants, they infiltrate abandoned nuclear facilities, unveiling blueprints and schematics that decrypt the vault’s mysteries.

Armed with this knowledge, the team maneuvers through the intricate dance of defying the vault’s formidable defenses. Skilled hackers exploit vulnerabilities, disabling sensors and outsmarting turrets. Resourceful engineers craft makeshift devices, disrupting surveillance and silencing communication frequencies, ensuring stealth amidst chaos.

Unlock the secrets within, heralding a new era. The Vault awaits, and your journey into the unknown begins.