BSides Mumbai CTF 2024


开始时间:2024-05-19 10:30:00

结束时间:2024-05-19 22:30:00


比赛地址:Mumbai, India


Join us for the inaugural BSides Mumbai Capture The Flag (CTF) competition! This online competition, a Jeopardy Style CTF, is designed for beginners, intermediate players, and all ethical hackers. All are invited to participate! So get ready to unleash your true potential and discover the hacker in you. The competition will feature a series of challenges spanning cryptography, reverse engineering, web security, and more, catering to participants of all skill levels.

We have lot of Categories :
1. Web
2. Forensic
3. Osint
4. Crypto
5. Network
6. Cloud
7. Miscellaneous

For questions or more information, contact
[email protected]

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