Break The Wall - Dystopia 2099


开始时间:2024-06-26 11:00:00

结束时间:2024-07-10 19:00:00



Year 2099. The world has succumbed to a digital dystopia. A conglomerate of mega-corporations known as The Consortium rules with an iron fist, controlling every aspect of life through a global network of surveillance and censorship known as The Wall. Information is power, and The Consortium jealously hoards it, feeding the population propaganda and keeping the masses ignorant and docile.

In the shadows of this dark world, BreakTheWall emerges, an underground movement of hackers, activists and digital rebels fighting for freedom of information and the restoration of privacy. Their goal: to dismantle The Wall and return power to humanity.

Players must prove their worth through a series of clandestine missions that will test their offensive security skills.

The road to freedom is paved with The Wall's surveillance systems and security agents. Players must use their wits, skills and courage to overcome these obstacles and break through The Wall, bringing hope and freedom to oppressed humanity.

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