CrewCTF 2024


开始时间:2024-08-02 17:00:00

结束时间:2024-08-04 17:00:00



CrewCTF is an annual cybersecurity Capture The Flag competition hosted by TheHackersCrew. The third edition, CrewCTF 2024, will start at 17:00 UTC on May 24th and run for 48 hours, ending at 17:00 UTC on May 26th.

With intermediate to expert level challenges, our contests are great opportunities for students and professionals to pick up, practice, and master skills in cybersecurity. Challenge containerization provides safe, hands-on environments for all contestants. Our CTFs are free and open to anyone with an internet connection.

Registration will be available soon! Link:

Categories: Crypto, Forensics, Misc, Rev, Pwn, Web , Blockchain.

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